Eight Below (2006) - Paul Walker , Jason Biggs , Bruce Greenwood.

Eight Below (2006) - Paul Walker , Jason Biggs , Bruce Greenwood.


Film tells the story of three members of an expedition team was forced to leave the dogs pull sleds her because of accidents and dangerous weather. In the cold winter of cruel Antarctica, the dogs had to struggle for survival to survive for 6 months.

Thanks for watching!!
  • Josephine Arellano

    Oh what a dog story...very inspiring. ..I LOVE dogs...

  • Amber Duby

    I had a husky long time ago died of cancer couple actually lung cancer their was something wrong with heart to I love huskies I just can't bring myself to have one again she was amazing

  • SavageXGaming

    I have 4 wolfs buddy at my house😂

  • Shilpa Kulagod

    The lead dog Maya is just amazing 😍😍

  • Helena Bargieł

    Proszę w języku polskim

  • Rachel De la Pena

    i really love this movie i love to watch this again and again..i already watched this thrice..thank you..good movie

  • Bonnie Reddington

    Great Movie , Thanks for sharing it .

  • Gary White

    That was the best movie I've seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing.

  • 김상일

    Paul...I miss you....

  • PT1139

    You know, one time when i was driving to go meet some friends i came across a very sad scene, a dog had just got run over in a bad fashion there was a little trail of blood coming from his mouth and on the road " he was dead" and his group of about 4 other dogs were just sort of stading next to him...people were already there so i kept driving, about maybe 2 hours later coming home i passed by it again, and the other dogs were gone but one of them was just laying there still. I stoped and told him, listen ,your friend is dead im sorry...maybe you should go now..and he sort of got up walked away a little bit..but soon as i left...he went right back to his place.

  • Rocky 2028

    the last great kid Friendly movie the whole family could watch

  • William Miller

    All the comment say it all great movie all.

  • Berta Mill

    Ataahua kuri (beautiful dogs) Love watching this movie it's real great

  • Huyen Vi

    Tôi đã khóc khi xem hết bộ phim.

  • Gulya Bagamaeva

    Гуля 💋💋💋💋👄👄👄❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💞👍👍👍👍👍

  • Lahumimi Jungle

    Still miss you 'Paul Walker'! 😢😢😢😢😢💖💖💖💖

  • V. V

    I never watched this movie, I couldnt get myself to do it.... The true story is too hard to think about. Everyone thinks of this story as some sort of triumph, BECAUSE TWO DOGS SURVIVED OUT OF 15??? 6 OF THE POOR DOGS LEFT FOR DEAD FROM STARVATION AND HYPOTHERMIA, BECAUSE SOME IDIOTS LEFT THEM TIED UP IN FU*KING ANTARCTICA, FOR A FU*KING YEAR, TIED UP W/O EVEN A CHANCE TO SURVIVE. ALL THE GOD FORSAKEN PLACES ON THIS EARTH, THEY WERE TIED IN THE WORST PLACE TO DIE SLOWLY. STUPID STUPID MONKEYS.... I woudnt feel nearly as upset if they were left loose somewhere they could break out of, or just left loose to find a way to survive... Tied up outside is just the epitome of cruel, atleast Crucifixion kills in 1-2 days.. 1/2 the dogs most likely had to slowly starve tied up in the cold.. Only solace is at least they had each other and IM THINKING AND HOPING THEY DIED QUICKLY FROM EXPOSURE INSTEAD OF STARVATION BECAUSE IF THEY STARVED LONG ENOUGH THEY WOULD LOOSE A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF WEIGHT AND THEIR NECKS WOULD SHRINK TO POINT THEY SHOUDVE BEEN ABLE TO SLIP OFF OFF THE CHAINS?? IDK. LEADING ME TO BELIEVE THE DOGS THAT DISAPPEARED & 2 FOUND DID SURVIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SLIP AWAY.. OTHERS TIED DIED QUICK, BEFORE LOSING ENOUGH NECK FAT..Anyway i hate cruelty to all animals, except i dont mind any type of trap that kills rodents, humane or not, rats gotta go.. But im not some hardcore vegan type, I DIDNT EVEN LIKE THE DOCUMENTARY BLACKFISH , FEELING THE FILMMAKERS EXPLOITED & LIED ABOUT SEAWORLD BEING CRUEL TO ORCAS, JUST TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF EASILY GULLIBLE RETARDS..Its funny Im not even some sort of emotional pussy, I just cant stand the thought of true story of 15 dogs stuck tied in Antarctica, 2 lived, 7 disappeared and 6 more dead from being tied for yr in Antarctica is intolerable cruelty ..I HOPE AND JUST LIKE TO THINK THEY DIED IN THEIR SLEEP QUICKLY.

  • MaiRah Nitsuga

    This is a very touching movie,I nevet get tired watching again and again....RIP Paul Walker..Thanks for the upload...

  • Sabatini Kanghon Akai

    i loved it. cant stop crying..😢😢😢😢

  • Nicklas Jensen

    I love this movie and i love husky dogs but it is sad Paul Walker is Dead now he was a very good man miss you.❤️🙂👍👌😢

  • Jane Weasel

    why risk your life for some rock

  • derf lasor

    Ive been watching this movie 10 times but it's still giving me tears. I missed my dog so bad even though he passed away 15 years ago.

  • Chelsea Miller

    I cry every single time when I watch this movie

  • mihai rem

    this kind of movie shows me why noah took only animals in his ark.......

  • Santeze Plays

    He was a great Actor #RIPWalker

  • Ivan Sanders

    13 mins. of human with human and human with dog endless bonding. Gave up watching as it became so tiresome.

  • パクリザ

    great movie, i love dogs

  • Shilpa Kulagod

    Miss u Paul walker😒 who is watching in 2018

  • Kadir Tuncer

    çok güzel bir filim tebrik ederim

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