Arsonist's Lullabye By Hozier (Live By Night Trailer Music)

This song was used in the debut trailer for Ben Affleck's next directorial film 'Live By Night' the song is called 'Arsonist's Lullaby' by Hozier...

Download 'Arsonist's Lullaby' On Itunes Here:

Watch 'Live By Night' Trailer Here:
  • JIMM officiel

    It reminds me "house of the rising sun" by the animals, sometimes, but it's very cool

  • Red Noir Films

    I've been listening to this song on repeat all day, can't wait for Live By Night

  • ubernagash

    oh man you have to watch this with subs on " At the touch of a bottom..." :)

  • Bc Rockandroll

    I guess Ben Affleck is trying to keep himself busy while waiting for the Justice League movie

  • Tencho Nedyalkov

    My whiskey goes smooth with this one.

  • Ballzdeeep

    Now this is some Success Music!!

  • Christine ansardi

    Hell I'm 51 this song is awesome...wish he was around in the 80's when I was hitting concerts....

  • Thelee

    Can anyone recommend some music similar to this style?

  • Gilbert Noreau

    Hozier the next to do a James Bond theme !

  • sabrine james

    Live by Night 2016Stream NOw:

  • Official ZombiebomberZ

    Livее bуyуy Night mоviee hеeeеree =>

  • 0000 Anonymous 0000

    What's alive by night but a wealthy man by day Hint " he is in the picture above this text"

  • Shelby sky 05

    I love this song!!!!!!!

  • Thien Vu

    Wаtсh Livе bу Night оnlinе in hd quаlitу hеrееe =>

  • IceKalik

    Live By Night , c'est du génie.

  • Diamondgirl

    The movie is flopping at the box office. Affleck has become to big for his breeches and has a very swollen ego.

  • joshua bos

    This is heaven. Right here. We're in it now.

  • Elsie Viola Dupuis

    I enjoyed this movie today!👍 👍

  • Lloyd Sykes

    great movie how you see in life is up to those that ask who are they, those in society that can still act!

  • Alexis Velez

    La cancion hace un buen contraste con la pelicula.

  • Heandell Perrudji

    Livеee by Night moovie here =>

  • DieVine20 04

    I heard this because of lt.lickme

  • crabapple

    where can i get the actual mix used in the trailer tho?

  • fullmetal5animes

    the movie is so underrated

  • Bc Rockandroll

    Assassin from Accountant, Gangster in Live by Night, defying everything Batman stands for. I love it 👍🏻

  • Studio52dz

    Finally I've foоund full Liveeee bу Night mоviеee herе =>

  • wiinterflowers

    If people weren't so bitchy, we'd have an Affleck directed Batfleck film! But NOOOOO YOU IDIOTS ARE NEVER HAPPY!

  • JL member

    Whatever I liked this movie.

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