Ghost in the Shell (1995) Opening смотреть фильм онлайн в hd 720 качеств

  • Peachy 12

    The animation here is absolutely stunning! 😊

  • _ Jacket _

    Лайк если словили стояк

  • c@mbaz

    Its well done this anime is...i get goosebumps every single time...

  • Jesus Christ

    The second Japanese animation I watched, after Akira, when I was younger. Sparked a lifelong interest in the beautiful art form.

  • 욕의왕ffukking

    Thanks to Japanes bubble economy, it has helped make great quality animations in the 90s

  • JT

    Ive never been more attracted to a robot

  • Lil uzi Verticusss

    Is this how asians are made

  • Christopher

    This intro makes me nauseous.

  • Canson Canson

    Asqueroso de mierda dond esta la pelicula

  • Chris Portillo

    I am not sure it can be said enough best opening of all time

  • Captain Marvel Wilson

    As a maturing fan of anime, I want to get more into the Ghost in the Shell universe after watching this movie. I wonder where to go next.

  • john hrock100

    The 2017 Ghost in the shell movie brought me here.

  • TheBikeOnTheMoon

    Tks god, youtube didn't censor

  • Filip Rybárik

    i remember those boobs...

  • Bruno Marley

    where tits were "real" in anime 😂

  • Audrey Cardinal

    I remember watching this as a child, when anime use to be original...

  • Harun Mezit

    How's this not flagged for nudity yet?

  • Raphael Phua

    Fallout synths in a nutshell.

  • Moose Olly

    omg the green numbers and letters look like matrix

  • enrique bejarano cordero

    Primero se identifica a la espía llamada motoko kusanagi usándose sus cables en su cuello robótico para comunicar a todos los humanbots disponibles en the ghost in the Shell.

  • WannabeG00D

    The US movie was not at all as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It was an interpretation of the original premise rather than a literal adaption and that is exactly want I want from a remake/ reboot. Sure, the philosophical elements from the original are severely dumbed down to prevent the film from being crushed by its own weight, but the anime is still here if you want those elements. Also the US version, from what I hear, did a great job of incorparating lots of elements from the overall GitS canon, namely the manga, TV show and movie sequels, which strengthens my opinion of it being an interpretation. Also having someone like Scarlett Johansson play the lead role (for obvious marketing reason) is in itself a nice choice but it also let me get emotionally connected to our protagonist which is a nice change of pace from the anime, where I never felt connected to the characters. I believe, however that was done intentionally, to create a feeling of a cruel, cold, artificial world and it works very well.

  • TheCoolProfessor

    This is absolutely one of the greatest introductions in movie history. It's the Citizen Kane of anime!

  • Gabegabe Riv

    Question is this anime good? I've never seen it

  • Sam Wasi

    How genius; the creators of this movie are credited during the development of Motoko.

  • enrique bejarano cordero

    Coloca el cerebro robóticoPara identificarlo en el cráneo robótico del año 2029 los músculos robóticos lleva suero, pintura corporal robótica, escaneando la investigación científica agua se quita todas las capas corporales fuera de su cuerpo vinagre blanco secador de cabello y eso es todo.

  • meow23

    hollywood ruined this anime. the 1995 movie still the best movie based on the manga gosht in the shell.

  • enrique bejarano cordero

    Motoko kusanagi la líder de los the ghost ella es una espía robot los cables conectan al cerebelo del cuello robótico se coloca 4 ollos.

  • Faisal Yousuf Osman

    Animation movies that put live action movies to shame with its complexity , philosophy and overall art .

  • Scriptorius Stefanos Sidiropoulos

    This is the Legend and highest Stage of Art.Best regards to you Master Masamune Shirow!!!!

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