Ghost in the Shell Original Soundtrack

Voici Ghost in the Shell (Original Soundtrack)

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  • Feodor Blinnikov

    I have no idea what that last track is but I love it!

  • Scott Phillips

    This makes me nostalgic for the 90s.I've still got this on VHS. Came with a bunch of bonus material at the end about the making of the movie.

  • Saad Hasan

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song at 46:46 ? I've been looking for videos that contain only that song and having a name would drastically speed up the process. Thanks in advance

  • hemmojito

    Floating museum is the soundtrack to my childhood. Just close your eyes 30:02Epic to an unrivaled level. Thinking about the stealth action in the dark and the rain mixed with philosophically tainted symbolic shots of the museum itself.

  • Drunken Pirate

    I was listening to ghost in the shell soundtracks while being in the city. All the happening around me became so weird. The moving people, the faces, the gestures, the noise of the cars and the people. Its intense, you kinda have to try it by your own to know what im talking about.

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