Adagio Per Archi E Organo in Sol Minore - The London Philharmonic Orchestra ᴴᴰ

Taken from Manchester By the Sea (Original Soundtrack Album) - Lesley Barber & Various Artists - Milan Entertainment

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  • Antonio Arfelli

    Bravo S.U.ottima pubblicazione. ... e bel film.

  • Evgeniy Dmitriev

    That's the music video on the legendary Adagio Albinoni performed by 10 year old tenor, Nikolai Rybin

  • Tooba

    The whole scene with this bg music still give me chills and I'm crying like a baby whenever i watch this movie.

  • Roberto García García

    One of the most intense and dramatic scene that I have never seen

  • Richard Metclaf

    "Sad!" -President Donald Trump

  • Daniel Purty

    Goosebumps revert fucking time! Thanks for uploading

  • Alec Kunkel

    Beautiful version of this piece. Carolina Crown did an amazing performance with it as well back in 2015.

  • Drblue Sky

    Thank you so much.. sad and deep music

  • Király Róbert

    nice music, good movie

  • Kimbo Darwin

    I've heard this composition many times before and I've always enjoyed its pensive sound. But I don't think I will ever feel the same way about it after watching Manchester by the Sea. The way it is executed throughout its entirety in those several scenes is truly brilliant.

  • rakim

    i dunno this movie reminds me of fargomaybe because they have similiar tragic story

  • almo5rg

    every time i listen to it i told my self no cry no cry man i can’t hold it fire scene and casy i can talk so emotional

  • Petru Cardei

    When I saw the name of the composer, making connection with his music, it was impossible not to think of Samuel Barber ....divine music ... sacred music

  • Ian Matthews

    A beautiful piece. But almost a cliche to use it in the movie. It's like putting up subtitles for the audience: 'Here's a sad bit'. But an excellent film. So understated. At the end it was as if the director said: It's not over...but that's all we're going to show you.

  • Heather Gray

    My favorite version, as it appeared in Gallipoli, Mel Gibson's breakout movie.

  • Nitesh Kothari

    Reminded of Schindler's list.. gr8 movi

  • Guillaume Parola

    Close the fire window...


    Filme maravilhoso,Cult, intimista, a trilha sonora inesquecível, chorei de emoção.Nota 10

  • turbomunch

    the whole OST is on spotify.

  • Maria Corvalan

    Que bella musica te deja con una paz muy linda sin musica no se puede vivir.

  • Trogdor

    It very slightly speeds up at 1:33

  • Bilal Demir

    İnsanın ciğerini çürüten soundtracklardan, zaten filmindeki sahnesiyle beraber dinlediyseniz ciğeri siker bırakır, kaybetmiş bir adamın hikayesi... 🚬

  • Ellis Jones


  • joannix

    The classical pieces are always will be unforgotten in my ears!! I´m such a huge fan of this kind of music!!! So when I saw the made sense! Art in its pure definition!!! Love it!!!

  • Luis Zenil Castro

    I remember this piece of Albinioni more, from the movie The Trial of Welles/Kafka.

  • Frunze42

    Thanks for uploading this piece. But please add the name of the original composer, Tomaso Albinoni.

  • José César

    I Watch this movie yesterday and a i recognize this song from 'Icarus dream' by Yngwie Malmsteen, just now i know that is not a Malmsteen song. Brillant movie by the way

  • Julia Antony

    Un festín a los sentidos y un drama impactante


    What kind of "gender" we can say is this tipe of music?

  • Deniz Bozkurt

    İzlediğim en mükemmel filmlerden bir tanesiydi. Harikulade bir baş yapıt. Oscarı bu film almalıydı bana göre. Casey Affleck de ne oynamış be.

  • Bethany Hitchcock

    At this part in the film, I was in such panic and sadness over the characters, however was thrilled to be watching. It definitely did its job. This pieces does give the atmosphere: melancholy

  • Islam Bani Yaseen

    I was searching for this piece of the movie sound track since days. I can feel the deep pain and regret. I can't hold my tears while listening to this. 💔

  • Maximilian Pallmann

    one of the most wonderful pieces ever written and one of the best films ever made

  • geeeable

    This music was featured in dozens of movies and TV series. Among them is "Cosmos" series by Carl Sagan, episode "Who Speaks for Earth?". It is used there in a sad context, too: when Sagan is talking about nuclear winter and a possible end of human civilization.

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