Ludovico Einaudi - Life

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  • chlowieIris pasterypastelgalaxy

    A dream is a wish your heart makes When your falling fast asleep

  • Jesus Reyes Ortiz

    Único comentario del dia

  • Vivian Iscarra Amézquita

    esto es arte, aprécienlo :')

  • dark side of the moon

    What is death but a reflection of life..

  • Gökhan Türkmen

    Hadisenin ve Aleyna Tilk.inin ifşası cıkmıs oha :O

  • Sacrifice13

    Thank you very much for this song! It has it's own world.

  • Cyrstal Anderson

    wow the video is so meaningful

  • martín

    The video sucks. The music is great but the video sucks so much.

  • DR Cox

    Bi harikasınız azizizim,ne desem bilemedim

  • Misqui De Luca

    Semplice e meravigloso. Perfetto

  • M Gonzalez

    i love this song and i am a Metalhead through and through. something so calming about it. i remember finding his music while visiting my dad in Mexico for the first time in 8 years. while my dearest love was back home going through horrible nights. i shared the song and i think she liked it. it was a horrible time... this album made me cry, sad yet happy depressed yet ready....

  • Barbara Domańska

    wspaniałe kompozycja utworu z dziećmi

  • Rossella Siena

    immenso , stupendo anche il video !

  • james boner

    best plot twist ever

  • Black Tekken

    Very beautiful thank you

  • purple86

    C'est la claque 😍😮

  • Diede Pieters

    the amount of energy in Ludovico Einaudi's tracks is so amazing. One of my favorite composers of all time! respect

  • Jesús Andrés Mejía E

    That's some black mirror stuff

  • dan soloski

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever watched.

  • amangogna68

    Sei un bravissimo pianista.

  • Craftkey

    Life is Strange!(dont trust a edited comment!)

  • Maks mister

    3:07 словно окатило дрожью в неизвестность ,в исход ценности истины жизни.

  • Adin Icic

    I assume each of those kids are ghosts who stayed behind once they passed away, and each from different decade. But this kid in red while being distracted by fun playing felt something was wrong so he ran back.

  • Fellow Traveler

    Sometimes music has the ability to smash two modes of being together which you would not dream of putting together yourself, like beautiful melancholy or clarifying sadness.Tell me, what is on your mind my friend?

  • 1funnybabe

    Am I the only one who wondered how the boy lost consciousness in the first place?

  • Flaming blocks

    I love it so much i cant tell you the beaty of the song its the best song i ever heard

  • Balzhan Kazhkenova

    I am always crying watching this

  • Myiphone5

    IMPORTANT. For kids you should use only ONE hand when doing CPR. For babies 1 finger. The two hands in this are for adults and would severely damage the child. Bit of an oversight is all, but it is important knowledge to know!

  • Anirak Garcia

    Amo su música, no necesito tener estudios en grandes escuelas reconocidas para sentirla, vivirla y hacer fluir emociones con sus interpretaciones. Gracias.

  • Dr Dreist

    I saw hin live today it was one of the best things ive ever watched

  • Jack Massey

    Beautiful, actually brought me to tears. Ludovico, you are the greatest. Not One of, you're THE greatest musician.

  • Julia Villanueva De Ocampo

    Simplemente hermosa la canción espero escucharte en vivo algún día

  • Jaime Torres Barrientos

    Hermoso muy hermoso me encanta ludovico einaudi

  • Mersedes Benz

    кто из Казакстана,👍👍👍

  • Youtube par en couille

    dlaaaaaaa bombeeeeee

  • Tiger In the Desert

    Goosebumps. This hit me real hard...

  • Stephen Paller

    Brilliant! The music and the video. Amazing how a 4+ minute video can be more interesting and moving than anything coming out of Hollywood.

  • vbiosfera

    wow chills from the vid

  • Catherine Niedergang


  • Tristis Vulpes - Hranitel' istorii

    Вот это да, Людвиг, спасибо тебе что еще раз напомнил о жизни)

  • Benny Capoluongo

    Orgoglio italiano !!

  • Architect Wihiby

    I still don't understand. She was talking to someone on the behind, but he didn't care about anything at all. what it’s meaning This scene

  • Lochlan Vaughan

    Overwatch League anyone?

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