Tachikoma Explains Individuality And God 【Ghost in The Shell S.A.C.】

Ghost In The Shell - Stand Alone Complex Season 1
Episode 15 Machines Desirantes

Always a shame when machines malfunction.
  • Brandon Gould

    Amazing how the Tachikoma can be smart enough to contemplate the philosophy of God in relation to analogue and digital means of understanding one's self, yet not be aware that swinging a wrench wildly around while talking about the glory of organics being able to die doesn't help its arguments.

  • Limrasson

    this is such a perfect reaction meme material he even pulls up the gun and all that.

  • civilwarfare101

    Batou's interactions with Tachikomas are quite good.

  • TheCoolProfessor

    My dear Tachikoma, there is a flaw in your theory; you state that no matter how much data you accumulate you will never have a ghost but by choosing to explore yourself and analyze your self-perception you have achieved self awareness and already taken a step towards finding your soul!

  • eatsleepplayrepeat

    These spider tanks are weird...

  • Marcin Pasternacki

    0:53 - ...excuse me, what?

  • Kaz

    Although the Tachikoma's logic is a bit simplistic, it does have the ring of truth to it. In days gone by we'd refer to things that we couldn't understand or control as 'acts of God': if our crops died or lightning struck our home it was because God was angry with us and wanted to punish us; in other words, we contextualised things we didn't understand by saying that it must be the will of an all-powerful being who is beyond our comprehension.Of course, these days we understand more about the world around us, therefore we know that crops dying is due to disease or other such causes and lightning is merely a phenomenon of the weather. We no longer call such events 'acts of God' (except in the insurance industry), so we can derive from this that one possible interpretation of God is simply 'everything we don't understand'. Given this logic, I would say that the comparison of God to zero is incorrect, for zero is a known quantity of nothing, and God is not meant to represent nothing - rather, I would say that God is analogous to x, or indeed any other symbol used to denote an unknown quantity. It is a placeholder for understanding, an area that has yet to be filled with a definite answer.

  • TheColoradoJerk

    why is that robot a little girl?

  • for Theboys

    wow the real one looks exactly like the show

  • PixieSprite48

    The tachikoma broke poor Batou! His expression is priceless! xD

  • CreepyThinMan

    No one is born with a ghost. It's developed through the accumulation of sensory data that is used throughout ones existence while using said data creates our ghosts as we develop and as the Tachikoma's gain individuality they will have their own ghosts too!!!FACT!!!

  • CaptRicoSakaraPrower

    Batou's expression: ". . ." followed by <Batou.exe is not responding>

  • Yao Wang 

    your a cyborg talking to a cute Lil blue death machine about god!

  • Jorge Corea

    The dub is so fucking bad.

  • Nando Ginkaku

    Tachikomas were the best part of GIS for me nd I love the minis they came out in

  • Shadowzone25

    0:55 me when the math teacher is talking.

  • TPoseCulture

    0:53And suddenly, Batou gets that look we all got when we watched Innocence for the first time.

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