Batteries Not Included - Nostalgic Pat

  • Word Unheard

    Batteries Not Included and Batteries Not Required are not the same thing. Batteries Not Required means you do not have to buy batteries. Batteries Not Included means whatever you bought requires batteries, but you will have to buy them separately. But you get a free pass, being that your videos are always noteworthy.  

  • Eddie Greenwood

    Yes my favorite Steven Spielberg movie thanks great review 

  • Mark Lyne

    I was always disappointed by this film as a kid - I always waited for the moment when the robots turned and killed them :-( never happened - sigh

  • Melissa Allan

    Fay sounds and looks like Arnold's grandmother  from Hey Arnold

  • Might I Share

    My parents gave me this movie on tape to watch when I was a kid and I was kind of bored by it, because it mostly showed the old people. Things didn't entertain me much as a kid unless it showed kids I could maybe relate to, or teenagers, or young adults would do too like at times I'd sneak watching horror movies, or say, wacky-ish cartoon characters such as Spongebob. Then my science teacher in 7th grade chose it to show the class for some reason during downtime. ...Now when I see it along with other older movie like that, this one also is a little bit interesting, for one, seeing how they made things look futuristic in movies back then, and I always love shots in older movies that show views on the streets, what apparel that people wore looked like back then and what kinds of vehicles were often driven around, and what, say, logos on products looked like and on restaurant and store signs, plus what kinds of technology or whatever means were used for stuff like distant communication, advertisement and entertainment. Stuff like that was captured in older video games also like the ones I talk about on my channel. It's like just an overall moment captured in time.

  • Joe Vector

    Cliched , silly, maudlin, predictable , it was a total trifle for me the first time around that i was "forced" to watch this in the theater because of a nice young lady that encouraged me to go in order to wean me off of horror movies .Well, she didn't cure my horror fixation with this movie but i thoroughly enjoyed this film despite my initial protestations , it won me over with it's simplistic charms .I do see this as a sanitized version of "Homebodies" but that's not a bad thing .Great review , impressive intro and outre graphics .

  • Daniel Williamson

    Was Hume Cronyn's smirk, when Carlos screams after being zapped by the flying saucers for real?

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