Twins Official Trailer #1 - Danny DeVito Movie (1988) HD

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Twins Trailer - A physically perfect, yet innocent man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) goes in search of his twin brother(Danny Devito), a short, small-time crook.

Universal - 1988
  • Belle Singer

    It's like looking in a mirror!

  • JulianneWallner22051965fem VAAmbassador


  • Cika Pera

    Very good vid. Youtube is perfect for this sort of thing.My mate was previously bullied. He stated he was planning to grow muscle and strength. I didn't believe him. But then he added 40lbs of natural muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible - Google it. He doesn't get bullied any longer. I actually registered last week. See exactly what goes on. Not to mention this guys emails are great!!!

  • shadowknight132

    Arnold reminds me of Goku in this movie.

  • lazyperfectionist1

    Twins. But not identical twins. Let's bear that in mind, here.

  • Laurit Zenc

    Thank goodness trailers are better nowadays - it completely undersold a magnificent film. Thanks for posting.

  • Adrian Nightshade

    interestingly this movie actually gave Schwarzenegger and devito the biggest paychecks of their careers

  • *StrongerGirl*

    I Love This Movie <3 <3 <3

  • Harry Shoemaker

    Name the music in this movie!

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