Tachikoma & Tachi-Yellow (1/24 W.H.A.M) Director's Cut THX!

Now with additional footage & Remastered Sound! Special Director's Cut THX! Tachikoma.

Here is the Wave Corperation's 1/24 W.H.A.M.! (Wave High Advanced Model) Tachikoma & Tachi-Yellow models. Also included is Saito and Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
  • uncletigger

    Thanks for the cool review. I want one!.

  • siants4senair

    i would get the orange one cuz it looks better (paint sceme, wheels) but the blue one has more etra's if ur into that kind of thing

  • Professer ht

    cool iam watching the anime at the min i havent seen the films yet were can i get one and do they do smaller scale ones ?

  • Yoko-Chan Adventures

    THANK you for this review. I was looking for a Ghost in the shell present for my friend and because of this review I'm now getting this one! She loves Tachkikoma's!! :D

  • Professer ht

    cool were can i order them ?

  • exiaedges

    Another great review, I just like it how you added clips from the tachikoma day for the intro and ending. I came upon one in a store, I believe was for around $53 USD, and also found out there's a grey one comes with Aramaki.

  • Wizartar

    Yes, there is Tokotoko Tachikoma which is the smallest I've seen. Plus it walks by itself, due out soon and have it on pre-order will do a very quick review once I get it.

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