Kenji Kawai - Cinema Symphony - Ghost In The Shell OST

  • Maestro & Alumno Jerri C.


  • チーズハンバーグ


  • Anthony McCall

    I find myself watching this every few months and each time I do I can't help but watch all 18 minutes and 22 seconds of it. This is fuckin phenomenal

  • 우ᄒᄒ

    유딩들 합창단 노래자랑하냐?위랍감도 없고 중후한 느낌도 없고..

  • Drunk Squirrel

    I'm visiting Japan after waiting 30 years to have the chance. This song will be playing in my head in the airplane the entire time....

  • jorelgoenitz

    Does somebody know more music with this style? I´v been looking it as "classical japanese opera", but I can´t find what I want...

  • Victor Hugo de Castro Dutra

    roriudi neca, So shiki des nippon anime, no kurono no movie.

  • The Castaway Traveller

    Damn... It's basically live and unplugged... I always have thought that it was electronic somehow

  • James Shou

    The power of those drums....drums in the deep...Imagine being chased or chasing someone through a black forest or Skynet base to 8:57

  • Jim Canterak

    Kawai? More like Utsukushii.

  • koldaussie

    They remind me of some of the throat singers from some of the Northern Canadian First Nations tribes. This would be murder on the voice, especially for how long they were singing for!

  • Kevin Smith

    I'm not crying you're Crying !!!!

  • Wanderson Silva


  • Maestro Ozu


  • Alex Delarge

    AKG414 for a live vocal mic - I like it.

  • Satch Boogie

    To this day one of the best soundtracks of all time right next to cowboy bebop and the like.

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Would love to see nightstalker live

  • Scott Phillips

    Anime from the 90s was great. Ghost in the Shell was one of the gems. The effort that went into those shows was amazing.Even movies like Blade Runner.They just don't make them like that any more. They're so shallow and lacking these days.

  • Aditya Tamrakar

    Damn you get a goose bump every time u listen to this master piece🎧🎼🎸🎺🎷🥁🎹🎻

  • つるかめ

    当たったらよくオーケストラとコラボするけど何か意味あんのかな?理解に苦しんで冷めていく...そして現実に戻れた。あ !! そー言う事かw 「ありがとうございます。」

  • hemmojito

    oh wow. I remember especially the last melody in Innocence . With the ship and Batou and the major, that was so effin' epic. You know the soundtrack is a masterpiece when so many people come back to search for it.

  • Martin Herman

    Ghost in The shell , i like original make in 1995 , heh i like moore cinematic from japanese ( Princes Mononoke , Howl flying castle and moore and moore ) realy good films make my soul happenes :)

  • Max Kölbl

    Does anyone know where to get the score from this? I need to see this on a sheet

  • Frederic LE GALL

    For me one of the most sensitive soundtrack I've ever heard. What a great work!

  • Alex Kim

    I m 2018 still listening have nace day everyone

  • minamoto naomi

    Gosh....i am speechless

  • Gerard Ironside

    Such a haunting mesmerising song, this video inspired me to make a synthwave live remix, if youre interested please check out the video on my channel and tell me what you think :)

  • noriko ipponguso


  • peregrin tuk

    very nice, huge respect to that!

  • reallepke

    Konichiwa Isten áldása legyen rajtatok!

  • Humaneleux

    pelos de punta, gran musica

  • Laercio Rocha

    Hi. Im Brazilian, i speak english so so. I need to know the name of music that this episody 29 of zillion serie japonese of 1987 in the times 02:07 André 02:27 seconds.laercio20051970@gmail.comThank you

  • Rogério Japa

    It will transcend generations ..! will always be among the best of all time!

  • Strose

    Magnificently haunting

  • Kons Fuzius

    OMFG. I had this track on my HD MP3 player years ago, and searched for it ever since. Thank God, oh yes, I finally found it. Now I know what this overwhelming track was. Bless Kenji Kawai!

  • Calvin Harris

    Kenji is a freaken genius

  • Bdoll2

    Those goosebumps.... Would love to have that chanting subtitled...

  • Ice Enpitsu


  • Regrettable Major

    Damm this is some chill inducing music.

  • oichan0726


  • dsuke00000504


  • 검정

    사랑합니다!! 카와이 켄지님!! 저는 카와이 켄지님 작품 왕팬입니다!! I Love Kawai Kenji. Love.Love!!! 카와이 켄지님 작품을 들으면서 너무너무 행복했었어요!! かわいけんじどの , 愛あいしています。 非凡なてんさい

  • Robert Loof

    I. Can’t. Breath.

  • jtno2

    This is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard.

  • Alexgild81

    Kenji Kawai = Genius! This is absolutely Breathtaking!


    this is the dictionary definition of incredible, and the most epic music to finish projects to

  • zakaryphotographer

    Poor American composer of the US version of Mamoru Oshii's masterpierce.

  • Greippi10

    Is there a high quality version of this available? I will pay, I don't care. This is the most beautiful 18 minutes of music I know of and I want to make sure I will always have it.

  • Never Giveafuck

    I would pay so much money to able to see this live. One of my lifegoals so far.

  • Fabi Fuu

    2:50 was the best part

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