Nocturnal Animals: Amy Adams & Jake Gyllenhaal Official Movie Interview

Nocturnal Animals: Amy Adams & Jake Gyllenhaal Official Movie Interview

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  • Cranberry Lanssie

    I’ve just seen this movie. It is so great and moving and heartbreaking story. I can’t help recalling those lines that the characters say to each other. Jake is surely a fantastic and extraordinary actor to play this role, he must have put tremendous emotions into it, which is so precious.

  • Diptanu Chaudhuri

    Jake is not at all interested in talking about the movie

  • fofi fofii

    perfect actors for a perfect movie!

  • Ernesto G

    I (my own personal opinion) don't know why i felt this movie is about how yourself in a relationship that is all about love , we as couples start looking (for very unrealistic reasons) to sabotage ourselves with different opinions(insecurities) when true love spears, in a way is not just betrayal to other people that we love with all our heart but how we kill that love and we become a zombies to the idea that we'll be able to find another person (i believe there's just one true love in our lives) but we NEVER do

  • thegooseman90

    Jake Gyllenhaal is wearing his outfit from Prisoners.

  • Chris Atko

    This film is an artistic masterpiece. We have a brilliant cast, a brilliant director and a perfect story line that many people can relate to. It shows the antithesis of creative and neurotic minds through the portrayal of Amy Adams character, Susan. It really makes you think, and what Amy said that the start about it being a cautionary tale is so true. Susan’s character is a strong character with a good mask that she hides behind. The fact that she gave up her true love for someone that doesn’t love her but has a lot of power and money really shows the human condition. Films like this are priceless, after watching this film it made me think of other brilliant films like ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ and ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’. The moment when Susan at the end of the film realises the extent of her cruel decision was the perfect ending, you can see the emotion in her eyes as she is filled with existential dread.

  • Thomas H Cullen

    Nocturnal Animals:Co-existence is made up of an annihilator and an annihilated – a living force which has acted in the past as an annihilator and a dead force which is now acting alive. One force is alive, with a history of pretending to destroy. Another force is dead, which is now pretending to be alive. Pretending to be alive is dead. Being alive is a false history of evil. Dead is false life. Life is a history of good that can’t be known as a history of good. A history of good is dead. Dead is an impossibility of history. Dead is no history, and dead is a history of good.A history of good is dead, and no history is dead.A history of good isn’t history, and it isn’t good. A history of good is evil which has no history. Dead is no history, and dead is the evil of no history. The evil of no history isn’t no history. The evil of no history is history – history is the evil of being denied history. Dead is the evil of being denied history, and also, dead is no history. The evil of being denied history is the basic fact of no history. Denying history is evil, and denying history is no history. Evil is the denial of history, and evil is no history. Evil is no history, and evil is to stop history. Evil stops history. Evil is no history. Evil stops movement. Evil is no movement. Stopping movement is bad. No movement is bad.It’s wrong to stop movement, and, it’s wrong to not move. It’s right to support movement, and it’s right to move.Expectation is to support movement. Expectation is to be movement. Expectation is to support being. Expectation is to be being – expectation is to be the force that one’s supporting, and so expectation is to be support and is to be detached from support. Expectation is to support. Expectation is also to not support. Expectation is to support. Expectation is to abandon. Expectation is to support abandonment. Expectation is to abandon support.Expectation is to support becoming abandoned. Expectation is to abandon the history of supporting abandonment. Expectation is to treat loneliness as exciting. Expectation is to leave the history of treating loneliness as excitement. Loneliness needs to be exciting. And then, the history of that excitement needs to experience loneliness. Loneliness has a responsibility to experience excitement, and then afterwards, the excitement has a responsibility to experience loneliness.Loneliness lets excitement be an experience. And then, excitement lets loneliness be an experience.Loneliness lets the right experience happen, which then means that the right experience has a responsibility to let the wrong experience happen.The wrong experience is death. The experience of death has to happen though, because the experience of life is after death. Death can’t experience itself, which then creates the experience of life. The experience of life is then the attempt to give death the ability to be an experience. The self is the experience of non-separation. The experience of non-separation creates the experience of life, and then, the experience of life gives the experience of non-separation the ability to be an experience. In the beginning, the self can’t enjoy its own state of non-separation. After this, the hostility of unity becomes the experience of life, and it’s then the experience of unity being evil that gives the self the ability to enjoy. Enjoyment is because of the destructive nature of unity – since enjoyment isn’t the destructive nature of unity, that has to mean that enjoyment is the peaceful nature of separation.Enjoyment is not separation – enjoyment is the peace and it’s the relief of separation. Enjoyment is peace that happens as the result of removal. Removal happens, because removal is necessary, and then excitement is what happens because of the knowledge that removal was possible. The force that’s been removed didn’t perform the removal. The force that’s hateful, and destructive and the bringer of death wasn’t capable of removal either, and yet the removal has happened anyway

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