Ghost in the Shell - Ghost City смотреть фильм онлайн в hd 720 качеств

Scene from Ghost in the Shell (1995).

Director: Mamoru Oshii

Composer: Kenji Kawai
  • παϊδάκι παιδί

    what in the shell was that? absolutely breathtaking piece of art!

  • Nabo00o

    Most memorable part of the movie for me, it leaves a deep impression.

  • steven perez henriquez

    Best scene ever, yesterday I watched in theaters and was amazing. It was the third time that I watch GTS and still I didn't get it

  • Amigo500

    is this a remaster version ? because its 16:9 ?


    Love this 1995 animation seriously one of the best with a very good message. watched it like 5 times

  • Stryker Enigma

    I can't believe I first watched this at 17 years old.I should have watched this series earlier.

  • bevik05

    This is the best part of the movie, my all time favorite. The atmosphere is simply amazing. There is only one thing which is disturbing me a little, a small animation bug at 2:56 (the wrongly positioned eyeglass reflection). I bet nobody has discovered it before, except me :)

  • AkiraJP D-N-A

    love this song with this Setting<3 Total melancholy and immersion

  • htcdesirexkunert

    the actual best scene in human film history

  • Richard White

    Akira is a very good movie but I think Ghost In The Shell takes Anime to a whole new level.

  • Tenor_SawWave

    This looks a dystopian Osaka more than Hong Kong

  • Playlist Man

    Such words, , in the song, ...Reflect them selves, their emotions, the era, the surroundings, the people, past, beliefs, and small sounds like 1:25 represents time, and and the raindrops, and the main character, reflect your self maybe what time will reflect upon you maybe. Don't harass me for this i'm just guessing

  • Dony Vandal

    0:26 if you live in japan call that number and please tell me what happened

  • Kit Sze

    Kowloon City, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

  • Citlalli Rico

    Amazing!! Describe all the context just whit images and soundtrack

  • SuperSerialnumber

    Why the main protagonist sees herself 0:49 ? Can somebody explain. Just watched this movie and i am can say i am amezed by it. But did't really understand what is the main character. I get she is a cyborg with a human soul? Is that it? Somebody help mee!

  • Jackson Seagraves

    Anyone hear "Ghost City" in James Powell's soundtrack for Solo: A Star Wars Story (Savareen Standoff).

  • DoomedDiceThrower

    I've never realized it before, is major looking at a woman with the supposedly same looking body-/ face-model when she's passing the café on the ship? Until now I always thought of it as a kind of flashback!

  • zlozlozlo

    What I find most fascinating about the song is the language. I've studied Japanese long and hard, and have even lived there for a while, but I was not able to even discern if the song is in Japanese. Upon looking it up I found out that it is in fact Japanese, but some archaic or ceremonial form. Amazing.

  • C Ale

    That moment when the rain sets in...

  • Loc K

    its interesting to see extreme contrast in technology, although they are able to put human consciousness into a machine, the rest of the stuff is on the 90s level

  • Anthony Fanchin

    This is what I call art. Amazing scene.

  • Aesthetix Kender

    Ive been to Hong Kong 3 times and in essence, it does feel like Ghost City !

  • guguigugu

    Hong Kong's unique aesthetic

  • Anastasia Rayner

    This scene is iconic.

  • ZetTroxX

    I can´t believe how well made this is. Makes you question the very nature of human beings and what we´re about to become. No spoken words, just powerful imaginary & music. Ghost in the Shell truly was ahead of its time.

  • loner {•}

    Anime is art this proves it🌹


    Its obvious where nier:automata was inspired from.

  • gabriel lee

    It does feel like Hong Kong in late 80s.

  • an dy

    I love hongkong and ghost in the Shell

  • manos manos

    Anyone knows if the new live action movie has a scene like that?

  • CK47

    Anyone know other animes, with a similar scene ?

  • David Bradshaw

    Some of the best 3 minutes from any film ever. Kenji Kawaii's score is monumental, and I wrote a brief and loving piece about it here:

  • yaşar ada özdemiray

    What kind of music? Someone can tell me? PLEASE! PLEASE!

  • Maroš Goč

    bulgarian folk music :3

  • Vesa-Matti Kortepohja

    Go to netflix and see "Altered carbon". That is a series which makes you wonder even more what humanity is...

  • Diana Kaishauri

    this is amazing <3

  • Homophobic Horse

    Best watched while under the influence.

  • Sp1ke_1337

    Mamoru Oshii does loves his Dogs !

  • conflickt

    im only who hear "quas wex"?

  • Raphael Costa

    so wonderful and nostalgic

  • Nghia Tran

    I wonder if they can recreate this masterpiece scene in the live-action movie, or atleast scene with the same atmosphere

  • rezbo 2

    When I first saw this movie I thought it was Tokyo but realized it was Hong Kong in the future

  • nab jod

    j'adore ce style ça raisonne :D

  • Natural Selection

    The meaning: Identity.

  • Sergey Shvedov

    Когда начинал смотреть,я даже не подозревал как сильно Оно повлеяет на меня и мою Жизнь!Я благодарен Всем кто работал над проектом"Призрак в Доспехах"!Спасибо вам,за ваш труд.Вот уже 20 лет я им восхищаюсь.Сейчас такого к сожалению Уже Нет!!!И хотят снять Фильм.Но спустя столько всего увиденного,я думаю хорошего мы ничего не увидим.Т.к.Сегодня снимают-Полное !Спасибо за Оригинал!!!

  • lilDeviant

    This is one of my favourite scenes ❤️

  • joan krubas

    Absolutely beautiful ! great precious scene, unspeakable.

  • Favar1

    This scene grows on me every time i watch the movie. Its dirty, its crowded, its wet, its insanely lonely, its vibrant with neon its just so many things that make you basically INHALE the city and taste it on your mind.

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