Tom Ford Has Many Talents

Tom talks about his busy schedule which involves directing, screenwriting, producing, designing clothes and shooting rattle snakes.

Ryan Gosling Teaches Jimmy Kimmel the Waltz

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Now in its thirteenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer

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Tom Ford Has Many Talents
  • Muhammad ilyas

    Tom sounds and looks like he's a well-educated scammer, he will plays a good villain character.

  • grace ntontolo

    he sounds like he should be british....i love it!

  • Maria Pia

    He makes me want to be better haha

  • Meesh Elle

    Also he has a beautiful makeup line

  • MissAndret

    He needs to make more movies! They are brilliant 👌🏻😍

  • john brocato

    guy's ego is [-------------------------------------------------------]

  • The Mavericks

    “ I don’t know huuuahng out is “

  • Talk N Review

    Check out our review on Oud Wood by Tom Ford -

  • G.I. JANE

    So... this is the guy who makes the expensive-ass fragrances that I can't afford. He seems like a cool guy!

  • Kartikeya Dutta

    He is so perfect in every way

  • TooMany Discs

    100% Authentic TOM FORD PerfumesOver 60 Fragrances available from both his Signature Line and Exclusive Private Blend Line including many of the hard to find discontinued scents. Each is hand decanted directly from large bottles into smaller spray atomizers. Prices and sizes start at $4.50 with sizes from 2ml up to 50ml.Check out my eBay store for a complete list.2ml sizes: sizes: sizes: Click on view my eBay store for more sizes.Well over 1000 of these has already been sold..

  • PeaceFan1

    That Man is SO Damn DELICIOUS!!!! xoxo

  • august ken

    he looks like a racists white man and arrogant if you see him in person

  • Nehat Ganiji

    A genius have no time to go and hang outtttt

  • katex

    His reaction when asked if he wears another designers clothing lmao

  • naja sabrina

    J'ai un mépris total pour cet homme qui ose défendre ses amis photographe accusés d'agression sexuelle,en disant,Je site"nous vendons du sexe",est Ce là l'excuse ?Moi qui pensais qu'il vendait des fringues !Ford tu devrais tenir un pip show,là effectivement tu vendras du sexe!Sombre idiot

  • Mr Sillage


  • Diego GP

    For someone who dresses himself and others amazingly, he kind has a potato hair cut. Much respect though.

  • David Mejia

    He turns with his whole body and it's really funny.

  • Miao Du

    His movies really amazed me for the way he uses the lenses and colors. He's a real talented guy.

  • Kayla Valdellon

    best dressed director goes to

  • L0r3n2

    I wanna be like this guy

  • Halo Howlett

    Tom Ford...mmm...go 'head Daddy! #DoItWell


    "Please watch: VINCENT ORTANEZ on YouTube. The un-veiling of my NEWEST LOOK, 2015." Thank You

  • Glittrry .Witch

    I thought you're supposed to unbutton the jacket when you're sitting? Or is it certain jackets?

  • Nihal Ç

    He sounds like a capricorn, is he?

  • Mr. V

    It's true...this guy is talented mo-fo. Nocturnal Animals...damn, that movies was a knock out. And...he does clothes too? Wow...a different kind of David Lynch work ethic.

  • S. Y.

    Best looking guy ever in regards to looks and style. Pretty impeccable. Love his brand too :)

  • Mr Sprinkles

    I wonder if he talks like that in private.

  • Maksalina Denix

    i cant believe that man 56 he is look 30 or 35

  • Tommy ​​​Toaster

    He's like a gayer Ben Affleck

  • Diana

    omg i am totally like him, i have to plan everything!

  • Eduardo Mustrange

    Polite, elegant, extreme intelligent. He's so virgo it hurts.

  • Jhania Smith

    God, he’s bourgeois as hell. I love him!

  • Fatmzahra Elhani

    Look at that posture

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